“I live alone, but I am never alone.”

FamilyGram helps keep her socially engaged with loved ones every day.

“We're always with her, even when we're not.”

FamilyGram is the effortless way to show that she’s always on your mind.

“When he’s happy, I’m happy.”

With FamilyGram, he’s happier, healthier, even more independent.

Coming Soon, FamilyGram

Today millions of Americans age 65 and over live apart from their families, many of them alone. The social isolation seniors experience can exact a devastating physical and emotional toll. Meanwhile friends and family, with their own busy lives to lead, and caregivers, who can only do so much, are hoping for a solution. Help is coming.

FamilyGram will keep seniors engaged with loved ones every day, making them feel happier and more relevant. And it will lessen the burden of guilt for friends and family who can’t always be by their side, by making it effortless to regularly and meaningfully show how much they care.

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